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What is Blockchain?

A large fraction of us are familiar with the idea of cryptocurrency, and it’s functioning. But suppose you find yourself not to be. In that case, there is nothing to be worried about, for this article is made for the sole purpose of enlightening you about everything that revolves around it- taking into inclusion the fluctuation in its rates and if it proves to be a good investment opportunity. Get ready to delve deeper into this universe of blockchain- which has been changing the world of online transactions and payments for over a decade now.


Where is it used?

Blockchain is a digital ledger that is decentralized and distributed and consists of records referred to as blocks used to record transactions across devices, so none of the involved blocks can be changed or altered without the amendment of all other blocks in the ledger.

Bitcoin is a type of blockchain currency with thousands of copies of that very same blockchain distributed across bitcoin. The functioning of a cryptocurrency is greatly nuanced. People in this era prefer the system due to its lack of a single central system that gives the power of transaction and money handling to the giver and receiver alone without any third-party getting involved.


Investing in Bitcoin

While investing in Bitcoin may seem complicated to some people, it is easier when broken down into steps. No in-depth knowledge of computer programming, cryptocurrency software development or advanced mathematics is needed to understand that most banks and businesses cash in on cryptocurrencies.

Investors require a place to store bitcoin when they are looking to trade in it. A digital wallet serves this purpose. Even buying bitcoin, a wallet needs to be connected to the user’s bank account or a credit or debit card. Online marketplaces 10KB Systems SDN BHD are great platforms for investors to trade in bitcoin as well as traditional and international currencies.

Blockchain, The Next Level Transaction Medium for Banking and Financial  Services


Advantages of Using Bitcoin as a Mode of Payment

The prime feature, i.e., what makes bitcoin what it is its autonomy and decentralization. Bitcoin purchases are made discrete unless a user chooses to publish their Bitcoin transactions voluntarily. Their purchases, otherwise, are never associated with personal identity and are extremely difficult to be traced back to them. The anonymous bitcoin address that is generated for user purchases changes with each transaction. While bitcoin payments are not completely anonymous or untraceable, but they are comparatively less likely to be linked to identity than most forms of payment considered traditional.

Digital currencies such as bitcoin give users more freedom vis-à-vis the autonomy over money than fiat currencies. Investors are free to control how their money is spent without an intermediate authority such as a bank or the government. 

Bitcoin also has very low fees for the transaction on international payments. Standard foreign purchases usually involve exchange costs. Since there are no intermediary institutions, the rates for transacting are relatively very low. This proves to be of great advantage for frequent travelers.

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