Republican Party

It was in the year 1854, 20th March, in Ripon, Wisconsin, United States, one of the two famous and the strongest political parties were formed. The Grand Old Part, otherwise popular as the Republican Party. The part ever since then formed to be a strong power to become a party for the people. It was in the 19th century; the Republican Party raised their voice against many injustices which included; abolition of slavery and raising their voice against the terrorist manifesto. During the 20th century, the Party went remodelling and started acting for laissez-faire capitalism, low taxes, and conservative social policies. One can easily understand the emblem or logo of the Party as it a logo from the cartoon by Thomas Nast, the elephant.

What do Republican means?

The word ‘Republican’ means nothing but something ‘ of, relating to, or of the nature of republic’. The election and the government is selected on behalf of the citizens selecting their candidate who may serve as a Republican or Democratic. There may be differences between the two parties, and you must know that all democrats are not Republicans and not all Republicans are Democratic—the word; Republican dates back to the 1600s. The word is derived from French and Latin meaning rēs pūblica. Dating back, the Republican government was elected n the roman empires.


How did the modern Republican Party get its present name?

As mentioned before, there are two powerful parties those who over the years ruled the United States of America; they are the Republicans and Democrats. However, the agenda and the rules abiding within them changed over the years, once known as the Democratic-Republican Party was later changed into the Democratic Party and republic part due to the loss of election and many other criteria and differences in the working principles. The first president to rose to power in 1860 from the Republican Party is none other than the great former President Abraham Lincoln.

Republican believes and celebrities

The major aspects the Republican Party believed are protectionism, free-market capitalism, gun rights, a strong national defence, restrictions on labour unions, and capital punishment. Some of the major Republican celebrities are Kelsey Grammer, Candace Cameron Bure, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Elisabeth Hasselbeck, Caitlyn Jenner, James Woods, Stacey Dash, Melissa Joan Hart, Joy Villa, Kristy Swanson, and Jon Voight.


Party of Many things

The Republican Party is known to have many auspicious believes and rules, However, what you may not know about the Party is that the Republican Party is also known as the Party of freedom, Party of prosperity, Party of vision, Party of strength, and the party f future. It was in 2016; Donald Trump became the Republican elected president of the United States. Where, at present, Joe Biden wins the Democratic presidential race in 2020.

What do you know about the United States Republican Party?