What Are Digital Marketing And Its Perks?
Back in the 1900s, the radio was invented, and a form of digital marketing arose. Digital
marketing, a form of marketing that did not even seem to exist a few years back, is now one
of the most widely used marketing tactics Shopjourney. It involves the marketing of products and services
through electronic devices. Digital marketing is the advertising delivered through digital
channels like social media, email, web applications, or websites. It is always known and
remembered for years that have been noticed through billboards that pop up on every
street. Back a few years back, millions of clients spent hundreds of millions of dollars on
billboards advertising. But now it's all gone!

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Why invest in social media?
Nowadays, everyone invests in social media. Social Media and search engine marketing
generate more revenue than traditional marketing techniques like billboards and pamphlets
because they now control more eyes. Everyone uses social media and search engines every
day more than they see billboards; it would be a better choice to market your brand on that.
Technically digital marketing has nothing to do with the internet shopjourney.net/. It's all about catching the
eye of a million people easily. More people are retweeting and posting on social media than
traveling to places and viewing billboards.

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Types of Digital Marketing
There are two strong pillars to digital marketing that are online marketing and offline
marketing. Few of the most common offline digital marketing which run till the current time
 Radio Marketing
100years have passed since the first radio broadcast, but the radio is still alive, and about
85% of the population can be reached by the radio. Most listeners listen to it for about 2
hours a day, on average.
While the profits are low, the radio is not dead. People still do listen and believe in the RJs
and what their view is on everything.
 Television marketing
TVs, as known now, is more of an advertisement than the show itself. They used the
commercial breaks to bring out the advertisements, where brands pay them to publicize

them through the middle of the good shows. Since video streaming apps have come up, TV
ads efficiency has gone down, but many still watch it.
 Phone marketing
More people every day have access to the internet and mostly through their phones than
their laptops and PCs. Exclusive discounts, coupons, and deals are a wonderful way to get
customers back through access to just their phone number, which could turn into their
regular spot. Text reminders to tell the customers they have access to a lot more than just
the usual. Loyalty programs could also be done to get back the usual customers and widen
the customer base.

In conclusion, digital marketing has been growing every day with increased ways to
advertise and learn how things are done over the internet and other offline resources.
Learning a few offline marketing tactics could help you not put all the apples in one basket
and widen your horizon slightly to get more access to your people and use the leverage of
modern media and the internet.

What Are Digital Marketing And Its Perks?