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This year, we will become even stronger. We live up to our promises. We will keep building this nation of leaders who take an oath to protect this country’s integrity and freedom.

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Read about America's leaders who brought the change that our country needed to become a leading developed country in the world.


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I am a proud American who takes the oath to take every possible measure to improve our people’s living standards and freedom.

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Check out the top smart technology

We Asked Experts: Do Millennials Want Privacy in Open Office? - Formaspace ContractCheck out the top smart technology

Who doesn’t need to have a good smart glass quality smartphone today? Almost every person needs to have a smartphone. Due to the Covid-19 quarantine, most of people have understood the benefits of smartphones. If you want to buy a new smartphone, then you can look forward to checking out the new models of 2020. You can buy one of the best phones which can be useful to you and it will be worth it. Here are some of the best smartphones of the year 2020.

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The new smartphone by One Plus has been introduced and it will offer faster performance than the last versions. It comes with an 865 snapdragon processor and 3.0 internal storage and it is commendable. The look of the phone is also amazing which will win the hearts of the users.

  • Samsung Galaxy Note 10 

This is a smartphone full of amazing features and a quad-camera. With wireless technology, this smartphone is a great option for users. It has got 8GB of ram and internal storage is of 256 GB which is pretty great.

This is one of the best smartphones in 2020 as it has got three cameras and amazing video capturing capabilities. It has a 5.8-inch model that will work best for all kinds of users. The phone is lightweight and that’s why it won’t cause any wrist pain or strain. As the regular habit of the iPhone, it has made amazing updates like before. Now, one can enjoy face ID security on the phone and it will have better performance than ever.  

If someone wants to buy a smartphone with a 6.3 inches screen and snapdragon 855 processor, then this smartphone will be perfect for you. It has got the latest security updates and will have perfect battery capacity. This smartphone is water-resistant with amazing camera quality. It just has one rear camera with a wide angle feature so that the users can click pro photographs.

  • LG V60 5G

YOU GOT ALL THE CONCENTRATION YOU NEED AT WORK- PRIVACY HELMET — SteemitThis smartphone has been launched but isn’t available in all countries. It comes with triple rear cameras and four different microphones. It is made with double pieces of Gorilla glass which will ensure strength. The metal frame of the smartphone will carry shock resistance. It has 6.8 inches of the panel and a snapdragon 865 processor. The audio quality of the smartphone is excellent as the other products of LG. It will sound amazing due to its advanced stereo speakers. It has got 3.5mm of audio port and this will be a relief for the users with wired headphones.

So, these are some of the smartphones which will rule the market in 2020. If you want to buy one of the most amazing smartphones this year, then you should check out these smartphones. It is important of smart glass Malaysia that you consider all the necessary features of the smartphone before investing in it. If you will invest in one of the above phones, you won’t regret it later.

What Are Digital Marketing And Its Perks?

What Are Digital Marketing And Its Perks?
Back in the 1900s, the radio was invented, and a form of digital marketing arose. Digital
marketing, a form of marketing that did not even seem to exist a few years back, is now one
of the most widely used marketing tactics Shopjourney. It involves the marketing of products and services
through electronic devices. Digital marketing is the advertising delivered through digital
channels like social media, email, web applications, or websites. It is always known and
remembered for years that have been noticed through billboards that pop up on every
street. Back a few years back, millions of clients spent hundreds of millions of dollars on
billboards advertising. But now it's all gone!

Top 15 Advantages of Internet Marketing for Your Business - EDKENT® MEDIA

Why invest in social media?
Nowadays, everyone invests in social media. Social Media and search engine marketing
generate more revenue than traditional marketing techniques like billboards and pamphlets
because they now control more eyes. Everyone uses social media and search engines every
day more than they see billboards; it would be a better choice to market your brand on that.
Technically digital marketing has nothing to do with the internet shopjourney.net/. It's all about catching the
eye of a million people easily. More people are retweeting and posting on social media than
traveling to places and viewing billboards.

Power of Digital Marketing and its Benefits - Blogili

Types of Digital Marketing
There are two strong pillars to digital marketing that are online marketing and offline
marketing. Few of the most common offline digital marketing which run till the current time
 Radio Marketing
100years have passed since the first radio broadcast, but the radio is still alive, and about
85% of the population can be reached by the radio. Most listeners listen to it for about 2
hours a day, on average.
While the profits are low, the radio is not dead. People still do listen and believe in the RJs
and what their view is on everything.
 Television marketing
TVs, as known now, is more of an advertisement than the show itself. They used the
commercial breaks to bring out the advertisements, where brands pay them to publicize

them through the middle of the good shows. Since video streaming apps have come up, TV
ads efficiency has gone down, but many still watch it.
 Phone marketing
More people every day have access to the internet and mostly through their phones than
their laptops and PCs. Exclusive discounts, coupons, and deals are a wonderful way to get
customers back through access to just their phone number, which could turn into their
regular spot. Text reminders to tell the customers they have access to a lot more than just
the usual. Loyalty programs could also be done to get back the usual customers and widen
the customer base.

In conclusion, digital marketing has been growing every day with increased ways to
advertise and learn how things are done over the internet and other offline resources.
Learning a few offline marketing tactics could help you not put all the apples in one basket
and widen your horizon slightly to get more access to your people and use the leverage of
modern media and the internet.

Everything You Should Know About Bitcoin In The Age Of Today

Crypto Exchange Apps to Have a Look at in 2020 - Vulcan Post

What is Blockchain?

A large fraction of us are familiar with the idea of cryptocurrency, and it’s functioning. But suppose you find yourself not to be. In that case, there is nothing to be worried about, for this article is made for the sole purpose of enlightening you about everything that revolves around it- taking into inclusion the fluctuation in its rates and if it proves to be a good investment opportunity. Get ready to delve deeper into this universe of blockchain- which has been changing the world of online transactions and payments for over a decade now.


Where is it used?

Blockchain is a digital ledger that is decentralized and distributed and consists of records referred to as blocks used to record transactions across devices, so none of the involved blocks can be changed or altered without the amendment of all other blocks in the ledger.

Bitcoin is a type of blockchain currency with thousands of copies of that very same blockchain distributed across bitcoin. The functioning of a cryptocurrency is greatly nuanced. People in this era prefer the system due to its lack of a single central system that gives the power of transaction and money handling to the giver and receiver alone without any third-party getting involved.


Investing in Bitcoin

While investing in Bitcoin may seem complicated to some people, it is easier when broken down into steps. No in-depth knowledge of computer programming, cryptocurrency software development or advanced mathematics is needed to understand that most banks and businesses cash in on cryptocurrencies.

Investors require a place to store bitcoin when they are looking to trade in it. A digital wallet serves this purpose. Even buying bitcoin, a wallet needs to be connected to the user’s bank account or a credit or debit card. Online marketplaces 10KB Systems SDN BHD are great platforms for investors to trade in bitcoin as well as traditional and international currencies.

Blockchain, The Next Level Transaction Medium for Banking and Financial  Services


Advantages of Using Bitcoin as a Mode of Payment

The prime feature, i.e., what makes bitcoin what it is its autonomy and decentralization. Bitcoin purchases are made discrete unless a user chooses to publish their Bitcoin transactions voluntarily. Their purchases, otherwise, are never associated with personal identity and are extremely difficult to be traced back to them. The anonymous bitcoin address that is generated for user purchases changes with each transaction. While bitcoin payments are not completely anonymous or untraceable, but they are comparatively less likely to be linked to identity than most forms of payment considered traditional.

Digital currencies such as bitcoin give users more freedom vis-à-vis the autonomy over money than fiat currencies. Investors are free to control how their money is spent without an intermediate authority such as a bank or the government. 

Bitcoin also has very low fees for the transaction on international payments. Standard foreign purchases usually involve exchange costs. Since there are no intermediary institutions, the rates for transacting are relatively very low. This proves to be of great advantage for frequent travelers.

What do you know about the United States Republican Party?

Republican Party

It was in the year 1854, 20th March, in Ripon, Wisconsin, United States, one of the two famous and the strongest political parties were formed. The Grand Old Part, otherwise popular as the Republican Party. The part ever since then formed to be a strong power to become a party for the people. It was in the 19th century; the Republican Party raised their voice against many injustices which included; abolition of slavery and raising their voice against the terrorist manifesto. During the 20th century, the Party went remodelling and started acting for laissez-faire capitalism, low taxes, and conservative social policies. One can easily understand the emblem or logo of the Party as it a logo from the cartoon by Thomas Nast, the elephant.

What do Republican means?

The word ‘Republican’ means nothing but something ‘ of, relating to, or of the nature of republic’. The election and the government is selected on behalf of the citizens selecting their candidate who may serve as a Republican or Democratic. There may be differences between the two parties, and you must know that all democrats are not Republicans and not all Republicans are Democratic—the word; Republican dates back to the 1600s. The word is derived from French and Latin meaning rēs pūblica. Dating back, the Republican government was elected n the roman empires.


How did the modern Republican Party get its present name?

As mentioned before, there are two powerful parties those who over the years ruled the United States of America; they are the Republicans and Democrats. However, the agenda and the rules abiding within them changed over the years, once known as the Democratic-Republican Party was later changed into the Democratic Party and republic part due to the loss of election and many other criteria and differences in the working principles. The first president to rose to power in 1860 from the Republican Party is none other than the great former President Abraham Lincoln.

Republican believes and celebrities

The major aspects the Republican Party believed are protectionism, free-market capitalism, gun rights, a strong national defence, restrictions on labour unions, and capital punishment. Some of the major Republican celebrities are Kelsey Grammer, Candace Cameron Bure, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Elisabeth Hasselbeck, Caitlyn Jenner, James Woods, Stacey Dash, Melissa Joan Hart, Joy Villa, Kristy Swanson, and Jon Voight.


Party of Many things

The Republican Party is known to have many auspicious believes and rules, However, what you may not know about the Party is that the Republican Party is also known as the Party of freedom, Party of prosperity, Party of vision, Party of strength, and the party f future. It was in 2016; Donald Trump became the Republican elected president of the United States. Where, at present, Joe Biden wins the Democratic presidential race in 2020.

Support the GOP

Your contribution to the local Republican Party helps us recruit and support conservative candidates for state and local office; open and run temporary campaign offices for elections; and fund operational necessities such as this website, our newsletters and other minor administrative items. We work diligently to curtail our costs to ensure all funds are used for the sole purpose of promoting conservative activities and candidates. Please join us in our endeavor to ensure quality government that is smaller and more efficient, the opportunity to pursue personal liberty and the right of all Americans to purse the American Dream without the hinderance of a cumbersome, bloated system. Thank you for visiting our donation page and please feel free to contact us at any time with questions or concerns.